Thursday, 6 June 2013

Air India Check –in Details for the Benefit of the Passengers

The counters of Air India are open 3 hours prior the departure of the scheduled flight and the counter closes 60 minutes before the departure of the scheduled flight. Though, the Air India check in deadlines differ at different airports and flights. It is truly your responsibility being a passenger to meet the deadlines and enquire about it at the time of making your booking.

Once you proceed for the check –in, the check-in takes place in the following manner:

1) X-ray of the baggage according to the formalities of the airport

2) If you are having a paper ticket, ensure that the right flight coupon is mentioned at the check-in time and boarding pass features right date and flight number.

3) Tag your baggage correctly

4) Proceed for the security check and immigration once you have done the check –in and pay attention to the announcements being made about the flights.

Air India offers you with various check options other than the counter check-in options at the airport. Now, you no longer have to be a part of the long airport queues and avail great benefits of real time Air India check in alternatives. Get the seat you desire, print your boarding card via the mobile, web or kiosk check in alternatives and board your flight in the simplest manner. Air India check- in has got easier with time. People are offered more comfortable and easier ways to board a flight and save their much precious time before making an air travel.

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